Bari Restaurant Winemakers Dinner

Wednesday, January 17th

Please join Left Coast Winemaker, Joe Wright, and Family ownership for this special evening of food, wine and comraderie.

Bari Restaurant Winemakers Dinner
136 High Street SE, Salem, Oregon
Four course dinner with Left Coast Wine Pairings
$60 for all, reservations are essential. Please call Bari at 503-991-5386 to reserve your places.

First Course
Endive salad with apricot and white wine vinaigrette dressing. Left Coast Truffle Hill Chardonnay

Second Course
Chanterelle and truffle stuffed raviolis with Bolognese. J. Wright Pinot Noir

Third Course
Beef Tenderloin medallions topped with bone marrow and a chimichurri sauce. Latitude 45 Pinot Noir

Fourth Course
Date chocolate pot de creme. Left Coast Syrah