Planted: 2003

Acreage: 9.49 acres

Elevation: 400 feet

Varietals: Chardonnay (Clones 76, 95 and 108) Pinot Blanc (Clone 05)

The Left Bank vineyard is devoted to Pinot Blanc, a cousin of Pinot Gris. The Left Bank is to the far left corner of the estate, on the way to Truffle Hill. Just at the entrance sits a hillside block of Chardonnay. 

These wines possesses a distinct minerality and austerity coupled with appropriate ripe fruit characteristics and food-friendly acidity. We consider Pinot Blanc to be the white wine of choice for food pairings. 

This vineyard has become known around the winery as the best place for the amateur archaeologist due to the discovery of fragments of ancient seashells and fossils in its sedimentary soils.